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Any car registered for use on the road in the UK must pass some kind of mechanical and emissions test – known as the ‘MOT’, after the old Ministry of Transport and at Wash Water Service Centre, Newbury can offer you an MOT Test check prior to taking your vehicle for it’s annual test. Cars must be tested at the end of their third year (if imported, measured from date of manufacture), and yearly after that.

MOT test check Newbury Berkshire If you have a car that is more than 3 years old it will need an MOT test each year to ensure that it meets at least the minimum road safety and environmental standards.

The test relates only to the condition of the testable items at the time of the test. It should not be regarded as evidence of the condition of the items tested at any other time nor should it be taken as evidence of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle.

MOT Test Check available

MOT’s are undertaken at garages authorised by the Vehicle Inspectorate to carry out the tests are identifiable by the blue, three triangle MOT Sign. We can carry out out an MOT test check pre-preparation and we have an associated partner who will complete the MOT on our behalf who is registered.

Every vehicle in the UK needs to be tested each year to ensure that it complies with roadworthiness standards. The purpose of the MOT Test is to ensure that cars, other light vehicles, private buses and motorcycles over 3-years old are checked at least once a year to see that they comply with key roadworthiness and environmental requirements.

An important aspect of the MOT is that the vehicle’s equipment is Tested, by and large, to the standard to be expected during its year of manufacture. For example, the brakes and emissions of a 1969 Rover will not be tested to the same criteria as a 2004 Renault Clio.

It is essential that your MOT certificate is kept up to date or you could invalidate your car insurance should you need to make a claim and do not possess a valid certificate.

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