Cambelt Replacement

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Wash Water Service Centre can assist you with your vehicle cambelt replacement. A cambelt/timing belt is what drives the engine’s camshaft/s. Cambelt replacement varies on each make and model, there is no set time pattern and there are also vehicles that do not have a cambelt and are chain driven.

On average, a cambelt/timing belt will last about 80,000-100,000 miles before you are advised to get it replaced. The consequences of not changing this at the recommended change interval can cause major damage to your vehicle’s engine.

A Cambelt Replacement Is Cheaper Than An Engine Repair If Your Belt Breaks

If the cambelt/timing belt breaks and one of the valves in the engine is open where the camshaft stops and the pistons are still moving, the valve and the piston can’t be in the same spot at the same time and the piston will win and it will bend the valves. The only cure for this is to pull the head off and get the head sent off to a machine shop


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and have the valves replaced that the piston bends. So, what would have been an £x amount job for a cambelt replacement will now be £x PLUS A LOT MORE for a head and valve repair and then a belt and pump change.

Also, if your engine goes bang because of this then you also have the inconvenience of being without your vehicle for a number of days and occur additional costs from a car hire firm while your car is off the road.

When doing a cambelt replacement, you’ll want to do the cambelt/timing belt and the water pump at the same time. Don’t just have the cambelt/timing belt done as often it will come back and bite you and cost you twice as much when six months later you’ll be doing the water pump and to do the water pump you have to take the cambelt/timing belt off so its labour charge again which for you as the customer is not cost effective.

Do it all once at the recommended manufacture belt change intervals, get it right and it will save you money in the long run, we can promise you that.

This repair is very complicated and will be carried out by our highly trained technicians. All our work is guaranteed.

Simply complete our Cambelt Replacement Quote Form on this page giving us as much details as possible and we will contact you with our BEST PRICE to supply and fit your new cambelt kit which includes the toothed cambelt, the rollers and tensioners and also the water pump. Alternatively, contact us on 01635 552349.

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