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How long do Brake Pads Last?

This depends on what kind of driving you do and what the quality of brake pads are that were put on your vehicle.

If your vehicle is a relatively new car from the dealership and it has not yet had a set of brake pads and you drive normal you can get up to 30,000 miles on a set.

If you purchase low grade quality brake pads when replacement is required then these figures will drastically reduce. You pay for what you get.

At Wash Water Service Centre, Newbury, we will always use genuine parts if possible but offer an after-market alternative like OEM if you are looking to save money on your brake pad change. We would a;ways recommend that your discs are changed at the same time as your brake pads to give maximum longevity to your new brake pads.


Brake Pads That Squeak!

Now, sometimes brake pads will inherently squeak.  If this squeak drives you ‘up the wall’ usually it will clear up in due course as this is due to a ‘hard spot’ in the brake pad material.  You then have one or two options. If these pads have recently been replaced then warranty out the brake pads.

At Wash Water Service Centre, we warrant brake pads we supply and fit for 12 months, subject to inspection of the brake pads themselves to prove these are at fault and not as a result of poor driving.  The second option is to make sure that you use the best quality brake pads available for your vehicle, however this will mean that these will cost more to supply and fit than after-market brake pads.

We would always advise to fit manufacturers brake pads on your vehicle

Low quality brake pads may also have an adverse affect on the vehicle’s brake discs as well, so by having a lower quality brake pad may prove more costly in the long run so would strongly recommend using manufacturers parts at all times.

Rear brakes by rule of thumb should last twice as long as front brakes and the reason that is that all of your vehicle’s stopping power is done at the front of the vehicle. 75% braking from the front and 25% braking from the back.  If the vehicle’s braking system is all working as it should be then you should be replacing 2 sets of front brake pads before replacing the rear set.

If you want to save money on brake pads then as rear pads do a lot less of the work, you could fit the after-market if preferred on the rear. It is very rare to come across squeaking brakes from the rear.

If you have rear brake shoes because your car has rear drums instead of rear discs , it still works out roughly the same, 2 front sets to one rear set. Sometimes you could even get 3 front to one rear.

If you have any questions regarding changing your brake discs and pads then you can contact Wash Water Service Centre on 01635 552349

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